About Us

The Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre Calicut was established in the year 1988 with the objective of strengthen the need of computer education in Kerala. Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is a pioneer in IT software & hardware training. The Institute has successfully trained more than 5000 students through its One Education Center at Calicut, Kerala. We Offer World class quality of education, A wide range of courses, Benefits through alliances with international companies like, Microsoft, Red Hat, W3school Oracle and Web Designing and software Development firms like Nova iT Park. We have a good team for Job placement assistance after successful completion of career courses.
Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is a non commercial organization in the work of social welfare started with a Mission to provide better Computer literacy to all class of people the Object organization is the oath to be continuously engaged in the welfare of the neglected class of people especially the children.
Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre has been supported by a number of organization considering the importance of information Technology it has taken the project of spreading computer literacy to every nook and corner to the country for those people who are not able to gain this vital technical knowledge. mainly due to the highly unaffordable charges laid on them for learning computer by the various private institution. The project is spreading successfully to all parts to the country under the project named “Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission”.
The main object of Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is to establish a global family, which not only involve the education & commercial activities but work for the development of society also. The organization provides employment opportunities along with the best quality of education and career consultation. All the chairpersons, managers, officers students are not the part of Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre for any limited duration but remain an associated with Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre throughout their life.
Our training programs and syllabus have been designed by experts. Our training programs are designed to cater to requirements of the industry including hi-tech industries. Manned by qualified technical and experienced professionals, our computer training centers are fully equipped with latest equipments and software’s. we have tie-up with prestigious organizations.
Equal emphasis is given to both in theory and practical training. In addition, students also visit modern corporate offices and industries for hands on experience which helps them to gain professional confidence.
Our training programs are reasonably priced to make them affordable for a large section of the population. We have also designed programs to educate retired professional, housewives, working executives and others who wish to gain computer based skills from the comfort of their workplace or home
The Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is providing education to the physically handicapped students at very nominal charges then other students. It has its students from the urban to rural areas with their own unique needs and so courses from basic to highly advanced training are available

Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is offering unique opportunities and advantages to its authorized training centers so as to develop fast and strongly integrated organization.
The organization is not only connected with them through computer education & centers but it is also having regular & direct approach to its every member. Irrespective of distance or the position. But it is connected with the member as family and provide them every possible support is the main quality of the organization. Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is working in the direction to distribute award for the outstanding performance in the field of Arts, Commercial Management, Education and Social work & Sports. The Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre after the completion of the course provides certification to all student which helps them to get job and hence helps then for better future.

The new education policy 1986 has given the distinguished important and priority to technical and vocational education. This has transported a high wave of encouragement and optimism in the younger. So far many of students have taken guidance and training from this institute and many of them are employed in different jobs and many others have arranged self employment which is a great self satisfaction to us. The most striking feature of the last decade which is providing us a lot of happiness and satisfactions is that the institute have provided guidance and right path to the youth (most of them from rural areas and many of them female)

Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a statutory body created by an Act of Parliament (No.61 of 1956 and as amended by Act No.12 of 1987 and Act No.10 of 2006). Established in April 1957, it took over the work of the Khadi & Village Industries Board. It functions under the administrative control of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and Govt. of India.
Kerala Sarvodaya Sangh – Parent Body of all the Sarvodaya Sanghs in Kerala State – A Society under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, S. No. 23 of 1958, was established in 1958. Under Kerala Sarvoday Sangh Education Division an information Technology Education Center Named “Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Center” is established on April 1988 to strengthen the need of computer education in Kerala. A need for the distinct institution specializing in technical education was felt, that would be distinct from a few institutions which were until then responsible for providing computer education in the city. It was also recognized that the purely empirically-based professional computer education provided earlier, by some sub-experienced professionals would not meet the growing needs for training modern computer professionals.

The institute was expected to cater to the need of providing training to the students who want to pursue a career in computer courses. To fulfill these objectives, the institute was expected to operate as a resource, providing employment generation in the field of technical education. The institute was expected to run as a centre of excellence for studies in professional courses.

Progress so far :
The institute conducts 40 above Computer courses. The institute so far trained over 5000 students out of which more than 3000 got jobs all over India and abroad and over 1000 students are self employed. One major dimension of the institute has been its regional role, and its teaching had attracted students from the entire Southeast region.

Intellectual environment :
Since its inception the institute conducted various seminars and workshops, where a wide range of experts have participated. Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is also organizing an career fair titled as Career@choice to help the aspiring students of South East to choose a better career. For the benefit of the students Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre had published a book on Computer Fundamentals and Office management software’s and internet.

While significant progresses have been made in a number of directions, which has earned recognition from many quarters of the society and has put Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre on the map of the institutions devoted to the strengthening technical education for the society in the region , in recent years its intellectual culture has seemed to have gone to a steady incline. Incidentally such aggrandizement has occurred almost in tandem with the institution’s rapid physical growth. The institution is maintaining its claim as a centre of excellence, and to push for recognition as a No.1 in the field of Computer education.

Mr. Shinoop S. P, Coordinator of Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre remarks :

“Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre is not just an institution for Computer education. Here at Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre, one gets everything one desires, even if it is beyond one’s imagination. Our institute has made all out efforts to provide high quality education in comparatively lesser cost. I think this has helped students of the economically backward families of the whole Southeastern region immensely.”

According to a NASSCOM report, the Indian IT- BPO industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12-15% this year. The industry is predicted to cross revenues of USD 100 billion during 2012-13, thus creating a demand for 28 lakh qualified IT professionals. Gandhi Ashram Computer Education Centre prepares students to be a part of this growing industry