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Abinraj PAbinraj P
06:50 09 Sep 23
Iam anagha P .I completed my DCA course successfully in this institution
10:56 08 Sep 23
I have completed DCA course .They gave good training with a lot of practical experience.The trainers was also very knowledgeable and friendly.
Vyshnavi KVyshnavi K
10:55 08 Sep 23
I complete my course DCA it's government approved certificate course and adding employment. My experience is the institutions.Because all teacher are Dedicated and friendly so I am so happy...... ☺☺
Avani K.M.Avani K.M.
10:51 08 Sep 23
I completed DCA from this institution. I recommended this institution those who wanted to get a government certified certificate in DCA.
Akhil MAkhil M
10:41 08 Sep 23
I completed my DCA Course successfully in This institution.
shaila k kshaila k k
04:54 19 Aug 23
In my opinion the faculty for Autocad has done his job of Teaching very well by repeating the classes to understand me in this age. The other staff also very supportive.Wish you all sucess to explore the classes to many wanted.
Kaushik SurejKaushik Surej
05:54 15 Jul 23
The courses done by me includes both Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. The way the classes were conducted with live examples after each step helped me understand what actually is learning and made it that more fun as all my teachers were well versed in the topics that they taught me and this in turn has increased my hindsight for the easy usage of these applications in my day to day life.
Maanav (M)Maanav (M)
05:00 04 Jul 23
l completed my 2d-animation course here. I have gone through a very good experience in this institute, and the teachers are very helpful and friendly. I can suggest this institution to everyone confidently. Thank you to all the teachers for the wonderful experience you have given me.
sarang NKsarang NK
07:12 24 Jun 23
I completed my photoshop course . it is a good instructor for this introduction to Photoshop course. He showed great examples, answered all of our questions, and spent extra time helping us get a good handle of the material. He also was helpful about answer questions about a specific project I have had trouble with on Photoshop. The flash drive we were able to take with us that contain all the photos we worked on plus the lesson plans is invaluable."Then I joining another Course for Hardware Fundamentals of system hardware,Introduction to OS concepts,OS processes and threads etc ..... are very clearso iam so happyb to complet in the 2 course