C++ – School level


  • Get your hands on the most versatile and powerful programming language that’s used in many successful software applications.

  • Learn all the tips and tricks to become an expert C++ programmer and take your skills to the next level.

  • Expert guidance and support to help you along the way, so you can master C++ programming with ease.



C++ is a general-purpose programming language that was developed in the 1980s as an extension of the C programming language. C++ is widely used for developing software applications, operating systems, and video games.

C++ is an object-oriented language, which means that it supports the concepts of objects, classes, and inheritance. This makes it easier to write complex programs by organizing code into reusable modules. C++ also provides low-level programming features, such as pointers, which allow developers to directly manipulate memory.

One of the key features of C++ is its ability to compile code into efficient machine code, making it a popular choice for performance-critical applications. Additionally, C++ has a large standard library that provides many pre-written functions and data structures that can be used to simplify programming.

C++ is often used in industries such as finance, video game development, and engineering, where high performance and low-level access to hardware is important. Learning C++ can be a valuable skill for anyone interested in pursuing a career in these fields, as well as for anyone interested in general programming or software development.


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